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Capitalization for Marijuana Businesses in Michigan.

The Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation (“BMMR”) has issued an Advisory Bulletin explaining its views on minimum capitalization of a prospective licensee under MMFLA. There are some strange and unusual nuances at play in this proposed position. Keep in mind it’s always subject to change. The announced minimum capitalization requirements for applicants are: Growers Class […]

MMFLA Application Process | October Update

The Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation (“Bureau”) in conjunction with the Medical Marijuana Licensing Board (“Board”) realizes many municipalities have not made final decisions on whether to opt-in or not.  Municipalities are waiting, in many cases, for further input from the Board and Bureau on rules and regulations.  Others do not wish to be pioneers. […]

Where, Oh Where Can My Licensee Go?

A few months ago we weren’t sure there were any municipalities interested in “opting-in” under the MMFLA.  Now, municipalities, particularly cities, are realizing the benefits to their communities and have opted-in or are working on ordinances.   Mt. Pleasant, Kalkaska, Niles, Buchanan, Marshall, Pinconning Township, Bangor Township, Crockery Township, and who knows how many others […]

Municipalities “Opt In” And Authorize Facilities Under The Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act

The numbers of municipalities electing to opt-in under the MMFLA are growing. Many are looking at the opportunities available for community growth, reuse of abandoned properties, and real property tax revenue increases. Municipalities see the benefits of allowing one or more state-licensed facilities outweigh the detriments. The First Michigan Municipality To our knowledge, the first […]

A Tenant’s Right To Smoke Or Grow Marijuana Under A Residential Lease

The Michigan legislature recognized that residential tenancy eviction proceedings were being engulfed in Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA) constitutional arguments.  It’s not that our district court judges are unprepared to handle constitutional issues, it’s just that the time associated with those arguments and the lack of clear legal precedent constrain an otherwise full docket and […]

So You Want To Be A Medical Marijuana Business In Michigan: 7 Important Steps

The following is a step-by-step guide to walk you through the basics of becoming a medical marijuana business in the state of Michigan. For further information on the details of this process, feel free to contact us at CannaLex Lawyers and Counselors. 1. Which part of the business do you want to contribute to?   Grower […]

Marijuana Businesses: We Need Your Help!

We need your input.  Please review the information below and let us know your thoughts by sending us an email to info@cannalexlaw.com.  Your email can be anonymous.  Just caption the email “The Banking Dilemma.”  The Inconveniences You’re Faced With: Are you an MMMA registered caregiver who is forced to deal only in cash? Do you […]