We’re In the News Because We’re Experts

Cannalex ™ attorneys are excellent sources for reporters covering Michigan’s cannabis industry and are often in the news. Check out a few of the most recent articles where our people are sourced.

10/30 Ben Wrigley on WOODTV8 about the opening of recreational licenses http://bit.ly/WOODTV10-30

10/8 Paralegal Pete Simmons on recreational licensing. http://bit.ly/WOODTV10-8

2/23 Bob Hendricks on WOODTV8 about municipalities and voters http://bit.ly/cannalexWOODTV2-23 

1/1 Bob Hendricks on WOODTV8 about cannabis gifting http://bit.ly/cannalexWOODTV1-1

12/28 Bob Hendricks on FOX17 about cannabis gifting. http://bit.ly/cannalexfox12-28

12/18 Bob Hendricks on WOODTV8’s FB Live about legalization. http://bit.ly/cannalexwoodlive12-18

12/18 Bob Hendricks on WGVU’s Morning Show. http://bit.ly/cannalexwgvu12-18

12/18 Ben Wrigley in Revue Magazine about legalization. http://bit.ly/cannalexrevue12-18

11/18 Bob Hendricks with facts/misconceptions of legalization WZZM 13: http://bit.ly/cannalex11-18

8/18 Bob Hendricks on the closing of provisioning centers with Mlive: http://bit.ly/cannalexMlive8-18

7/18 Bob Hendricks is in MiBiz talking property law: http://bit.ly/cannalexMiBiz7-18

7/18 Bob Hendricks talks about Grand Rapids opting in on WGVU: http://bit.ly/cannalexwgvu7-18

7/18 Bob Hendricks talks about cannabis banking on WZZM 13: http://bit.ly/cannabanking7-18