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Tips to be Proactive About Cannabis Insurance

When many policyholders think of their commercial or business insurance policy, they recall the 1 or 2-page declaration sheet that summarizes eligible coverages. Unfortunately, insurance policies are not that brief. Rather, policies are dozens or hundreds of pages and buried inside those pages are all types of exclusions, conditions of and exceptions to their insurance […]

Employers, Employees and Michigan Recreational Marijuana

Despite the passage of legalized recreational marijuana use in Michigan (set to go into effect on December, 6, 10 days after the certification of election results), employers can still decide that they want to be “drug-free.” The challenge employers now have is deciding what does this mean? Of course, a worker cannot show up for […]

How To Win Over Cannabis Investors

You’ve got your cannabis startup going: licensing is in process, your business plan completed, marketing plan written, site plan done, security and operations are all there. Things are looking good, except for the money part. You need an investor or two to help make it happen. Before you’re ready to go to the dance, make […]

Workplace THC Testing: Better Methods to Determine Employee Impairment

Our colleague Carol Setters has an interesting message for employers about the different way her company Predictive Safety developed to identify employee fatigue and other impairments. It is starting to be adopted as an alternative to workplace THC testing. We invited her to blog about the topic. Many employers use pre-employment and post-accident THC testing […]

Selecting a Site For a Provisioning Center: The 7.5 Most Important Actions

Currently, there are very limited opportunities for legal provisioning center sites in Michigan. Only 72 municipalities have opted in and have zoning regulations in place and the competition for finding and controlling the best sites is getting more intense every day. Below are listed the most important considerations for selecting a site for a provisioning […]