money and cannabis, something a cannabis business attorney can help you with

Cannabis Business Attorneys for Your Medical Marijuana Business

There are attorneys for pretty much anything you need. Estate planning, car accidents, divorces, property disputes, human resources, municipal issues and of course, there are cannabis business attorneys.

Cannalex is a business law firm for the cannabis industry.

a cannabis business attorney can help set up a legal medical cannabis businessWe help medical cannabis businesses apply for licenses, work with local municipalities, write contracts and connect with ancillary companies in cannabis. We believe that a cannabis business law firm is the best option for growers, processors, provisioning centers, secure transporters, and labs. If you are in criminal trouble with cannabis, we’ll recommend one of our qualified colleagues who specialize in that aspect of the law.

Our partners, Benham Wrigley, Robert Hendricks and Thomas Hoffman, are respected and experienced attorneys with decades of experience in business law and in-depth knowledge of Michigan and federal cannabis law.

We know cannabis law.

When it comes to your medical cannabis business, saying “I wasn’t aware” or “I didn’t know” won’t work when it comes to legal compliance. Michigan’s cannabis law is complex and evolving, and local ordinances also need close attention. We urge people who are growing or starting medical cannabis businesses in Michigan to have professional counsel for the licensing process.

It’s also about business law.

Being a medical cannabis business owner is very specialized and owning a business requires careful legal counsel. There are contracts to consider, zoning issues, employment law, and taxation. Being a responsible business owner is about being compliant in all aspects of your work and being in cannabis requires even closer attention to compliance matters. Sound legal advice from a cannabis business attorney will set your business up for success and keep it going in the correct direction.

Some of the areas we specialize in include:

  • Corporate law
  • State and local licensing
  • Real estate
  • Employment
  • Litigation
  • Local zoning
  • Insurance

Speaking of Taxes.

Knowing how to manage your tax situation is vital to keeping the local, state and federal tax authorities satisfied. It’s better to go into business knowing what is expected of you and meeting those expectations before there is an issue. Cannabis business attorneys can help you know when to collect and remit your taxes—whether it’s local, sales, income or property. We understand IRC 280E, which can deny standard business deductions to illegal businesses—including medical marijuana—even in legal states.

Federal Law Compliance and Conflict

Our team of cannabis business attorneys will help you navigate complicated federal laws when it comes to your marijuana business. With federal banking laws prohibiting marijuana money coming into the banking system, many companies find it challenging to open an account, obtain loans and have access to most kinds of financing. Federal prohibition also affects how landlords look at leasing property to cannabis business because of possible federal arrest and asset forfeiture. We can help you understand the scope of those issues and ensure the best protection possible.

We’re here to help make things work for you and your new or established cannabis business.