City Hall Provisions in Fennville

a young person stands near a coffee and tea bar with a chalkboard menu behind themThere’s something to love about small-town provisioning stores—they tend to reflect the personality and vision of the owner in decor, atmosphere and customer relationships. The vibe at City Hall Provisions in Fennville reflects owner Patt Dewenter.

“It’s hippie in the front and urban in the back,” she said with a laugh. And the coffee/tea bar in the lobby and the scent of incense + cannabis gives the store a gentle warm feeling.

She opened the store as a CBD-only shop while she waited for approval of her Adult-Use marijuana license. When her license came through in August 2021, she created the cannabis section of the store, and now the two products exist harmoniously in a space that once was a government facility in the village’s central business district.

a shelf of cannabis flower in jars with pink hand lettered labelsHaving this store is something that Patt dreamed of from around when medical marijuana cards were introduced in Michigan back in 2008. “It’s my calling,” she said. “I’ve been into cannabis since I was young and have always wanted to share the power of the plant.” 

Patt’s background is in social work—she has an MSW degree—and that need to help people comes through in her customer-centric shop. “I like helping people and finding what works for them,” she said. It’s part listening and part intuition—Patt is a psychic and uses her talent in that realm to help people make decisions about cannabis. “I can feel people’s pain and can tell what’s wrong and find a cannabis or CBD solution for them,” she said.  She’s always had psychic tendencies, but her abilities became more apparent when she was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

In addition to surviving after the trauma of illness, she’s found new challenges in the cannabis industry—sexism, misogyny, the cannabis grey market, keeping on top of new products and growers and simply keeping a business afloat in a pandemic. “You just have to believe in yourself and be confident; treat people right and always keep going.”

She initially sought buildings in Grand Rapids, where she’s from, but when those deals fell through, she chose Fennville and relocated to the community to be closer to the store and its people. “There’s great potential here,” she said. “The people have been very supportive, many come in to learn about cannabis and what we have, and they return because we do our best to make them feel very comfortable whether they know a lot about cannabis or are new to it.” 

City Hall Provisions is one of the rare woman-owned independent cannabis businesses in Michigan.

Patt’s customers come from near and far—she estimates that 25 percent of them come from out of state. The rest of the people who shop at City Hall Provisions are West Michigan locals and people with summer places in the Fennville-Saugatuck-Douglas area. As a single-owner, small business owner, she’s all about her adopted community and is working on promotions to bring people into the store and benefit the community—like a food drive with other businesses in town.

photo of a white building with big red letters: City Hall Provisions


City Hall Provisions

222 S. Maple Street, Fennville, MI 

Hours: Tuesday -Thursday 11 AM to 8 PM

Friday-Saturday 11 AM to 9 PM

Sunday-Monday closed