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Client Profile: KKind Provisioning Center

Kkind Provisioning Center owner John Taylor is a political animal, that’s for sure. While a student at Western Michigan University, he won a seat on the Kalamazoo County Commission and built a career in the Kalamazoo Democratic Party, eventually serving as chair. But when you start young at something, you have multiple opportunities for reinvention.

In 2016 he observed the medical marijuana rules being created by the State of Michigan. “I wasn’t enjoying myself in politics as much as I wanted to be, and with the new medical marijuana rules, I saw an opportunity to be part of a new industry,” he said.

He and his silent partner began to create and build the medical marijuana provisioning center that would become Kalamazoo Kind or KKind, for short.

Being an early adopter in Michigan’s cannabis industry and one of the initial licensees to be pre-qualified positioned the business as a leader. “We set a high standard for how we treat patients, employees, vendors, and the community,” John said. The store is located in Kalamazoo Township near the business 31 loop and is on the Kalamazoo River Trail. The shop has been open since mid-August and prides itself on local ownership and connections.

logo for Kkind Provisioning Center which features a double K and a small green crossAnother source of pride is the partners’ renovation of an abandoned warehouse in the Kalamazoo Industrial Park. The shop’s interior used repurposed barn wood mixed with tile floors and existing warehouse features for an urban-industrial vibe. As the business moves forward, KKind will be a vertically integrated business with cannabis growing and processing operations on site. Young marijuana plants are already growing in the warehouse. “We’re planning on some simple processing for now, waxes, gummies, and other items made with trim and flower,” John said. The business intends to apply for an adult-use license should Kalamazoo Township opt-in for that type of zoning. Kkind has been approved for a store in Grand Rapids and will be opening there in 2020.

John works daily in the store and enjoys interacting with patients. “Most people who come into the store have no idea what they’re looking for or what they need. We spend a lot of time listening to people and guiding them with dosing and delivery methods,” he said.

“Working with John was great, said Ben Wrigley CannaLex Law partner. “He was focused and prepared for the rigor of state licensing. I think his past political involvement gave him an understanding of processes and the sometimes frustrating timeframes. We wish Kkind all the best.”

Location: 521 E. Mosel Avenue, Kalamazoo Michigan

Phone: 269-201-2300

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10 AM- 8 PM Sunday noon to 6 PM


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