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Client Profile: Med Leaf Provisioning Center

Med Leaf Provisioning Center is proof that Army training is great preparation for any situation.

That rigor and discipline now include starting and owning a medical marijuana business. 

Veteran father and son duo, Doug and Alex Von Koenig are taking what they learned during their time in the service to be successful business owners. “The Army is all about discipline and process,” Doug said. For three years they’ve been focused on applications, reviews, licensing, construction, inspections and a thousand other details that are required for a Michigan-licensed cannabis business. 

Even before Michigan rolled out its medical marijuana licensing program in December 2017, it was Alex and his partner Janel Napier who first saw the opportunity to be cannabis entrepreneurs. He and Janel began making plans for creating Med Leaf. 

Alex and Janel budtenders at Leaf Med Provisioning Center

Alex Von Koenig and Janel Napier

Alex and Janel carefully chose the southwestern Michigan city of Hartford as a location for the business. “They had an existing medical marijuana ordinance, but it was outdated. Alex started working with the city council to create a new ordinance,” Doug said. The timing of Alex and Janel’s effort and the state’s new licensing program coincided. As the licensee, Doug was able to place a Hartford city permit into his state application packet, which helped move the lengthy process forward more quickly.

“Working with Ben (Wrigley) and Pete (Simmons) at Cannalex Law was well worth the money. Having them take care of the details with our license application helped us get it done right the first time,” Doug said. 

Med Leaf is located about a mile from the I-94 freeway (exit 46) and 25 minutes east of St. Joseph and Benton Harbor and opened in mid-November.

Besides time in the military, both men bring important work experience to the table, too. Alex was a long-time medical marijuana caregiver, as was Janel. Doug continues his career in sales and marketing.

Med Leaf is a family-owned business from start to finish. Doug and his wife Jolene are the license holders, Alex and Janel are budtenders. “We’re open seven days a week, so we all work in the store. Everyone is fully vested in our success,” Doug said. 

All family members live within 20 minutes of Hartford and local pride is part of what differentiates Med Leaf from other shops in the region. 

Doug recently created a patient discount program for out of town patients who stop and shop in Hartford’s local businesses. “We know that we’re going to be a destination for medical marijuana patients and we want people to see what else Hartford has to offer,” Doug said. Out of town patients who show a receipt of $20 or more from any of a dozen other local businesses will receive a discount on their Med Leaf purchase. “We know our patients love discounts, loyalty programs and perks—with this, we can do that and support the community,” he said. 

Med Leaf location: 301 W. Main Street Hartford, Michigan

Med Leaf hours: M-F 10 AM to 6 PM, Saturday 11 AM to 7 PM, Sunday 1 to 5 PM

Med Leaf phone: 269-519-8203

Med Leaf on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Med-Leaf-Provisioning-Center-105291434217795/ 

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