a cannabis plant in dirt to illustrate marijuana microbusiness

Marijuana Microbusiness Licenses and Cannalex Changes

a marijuana leaf with thc formulations to illustrate a cannabis microbusinessPredictions are that the marijuana microbusiness licenses under the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act (MRTMA) will be going like gangbusters as soon as the application window opens this fall at Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) Predictions we’ve heard from knowledgeable sources indicate there will be a flood of applications from non MMFLA licensed people to get started in this growing business.

For those of you not familiar with a marijuana microbusiness, it’s defined in MRTMA as “a person licensed to cultivate not more than 150 marijuana plants; process and package marijuana; and sell or otherwise transfer marijuana to individuals who are 21 years of age or older or to a marijuana safety compliance facility, but not to other marijuana establishments.”  Sec. 3(k).

Who may apply? At this point for “24 months after the Department begins to receive applications” it can accept applications for licensure for a marijuana microbusiness “from persons who are residents of Michigan”. All other types of licenses (except Class A Grow) require that the applicant then hold an MMFLA State Operating License. Husband and wife residents can each apply and have up to 300 plants. The Class A grower is limited to 100 plants.

As we saw with the MMFLA applications, there was a huge backlog at the Medical Marijuana Licensing Bureau. We want to give you the heads up that this new, exciting business opportunity is coming so that you are ready. We are preparing for the flood of questions and clients as we believe that a marijuana microbusiness license will be accessible to more people who want to be part of the industry.

At this point we do not have the Emergency Rules for MRTMA. Those have been promised to be out soon. When they arrive, we will be ready to answer all the questions regarding this new and exciting form of licensure for Michigan residents who do not have the MMFLA license nor need it. Then with applications probably being submitted somewhere in September-October time, we can work now with you to get the information that we think will be necessary to be ready to file as soon as the application window opens. Why wait? Get prepared now!

POST SCRIPT: Changes here at Cannalex Law

We are extremely excited here at Cannalex Law to let you know that what we have built over the last few years has been successful. No better way to have proof of that than the fact that three of our outstanding marijuana business lawyers have recently been hired by three large local law firms for their burgeoning marijuana law practices. We were on the cutting edge and remain there. We will be friendly competitors with our past compatriots, just as we have been with numerous other lawyers throughout the State who are specializing in the Marijuana Business law field.

Shoran Reid Williams is off to Miller Johnson, headquartered here in Grand Rapids to head the newly formed Marijuana Business practice group there. We wish her nothing but success as she joins a fantastic law firm.

Joslin E. Monahan is off to the Kreis Enderle firm headquartered in Kalamazoo. She will be based here in Grand Rapids. Again, she will be the head of their Marijuana Business practice group and continue her litigation practice.

Last but not least, my good friend Robert A. “Bob” Hendricks and partner in setting up this extremely successful practice we have had for Marijuana Business Law here at Wrigley, Hoffman & Hendricks, P.C. Cannalex Law) received an offer he could not refuse. Bob has joined the Marijuana Business practice group at Warner Norcross & Judd.

We wish them the absolute best with their practices. Here at Cannalex Law, we will continue to provide the outstanding services we have in the past to all the present and future clients. The office remains staffed by Ben Wrigley, Tom Hoffman, and Sam Levine. I’m sure we will be adding others in the future to replace the three great lawyers who helped grow this firm. Paralegal Pete Simmons remains with us in our Applications Department. He is knowledgeable about the entire application process and has the day to day contacts with the MRA analysts on all aspects of applications and licensing. The second half of this year will be exciting for all those in the marijuana business field. There’s continued action by MRA to process MMFLA license applications and pre-qualifications. There are now over 200 licensed medical marijuana facilities in the State and we see that increasing by 50-100 percent in the near future.

The Near Future

The MRA has streamlined its operations and its people are great to work with. Then there’s the rollout of MRTMA on the commercialization side, and all the fun times we will have with license applications and licensing under that new law. We do not anticipate it will be significantly different than the existing MMFLA rules but we will know once those Emergency Rules hit. There’s always hemp and CBD to keep us busy as well. Then there’s D.C. What will the feds ever do?

Lots of changes ahead, so get ready and let us assist you where we can.