city overpass Michigan

Where, Oh Where Can My Licensee Go?

A few months ago we weren’t sure there were any municipalities interested in “opting-in” under the MMFLA.  Now, municipalities, particularly cities, are realizing the benefits to their communities and have opted-in or are working on ordinances.  

Mt. Pleasant, Kalkaska, Niles, Buchanan, Marshall, Pinconning Township, Bangor Township, Crockery Township, and who knows how many others are out there.  Some communities have limited the types of facilities allowable; others the number of facilities per type.  Still others, like what Mt. Pleasant proposes and what the city of Webberville has done, are unlimited.  Actually though, they are likely limited by the number of properties which could qualify under special use permits.  

Some communities do not want Provisioning Centers.  Marshall is one of those.  It wouldn’t surprise us if the adjoining townships jumped in to fill that void.  

Cities have public utility services readily available:  gas, electricity and water services.  They have planning departments which are used to dealing with commercial and industrial businesses.  Maybe that is why townships seem more reluctant to jump into the waters.  What those communities fail to realize though is that the business people will solve those problems and, most likely, to the benefit of the people in that community.

Should community leaders be thinking about the overall benefits to the people in their community?  If the price of farmland in Pinconning Township is $150,000 – $200,000 per acre, that could mean a lot now to a family for its future.  It’s kind of like winning Powerball.  Should they be thinking about the other businesses in the community which could benefit and have a ripple effect on employment?  

The MMFLA is attracting lots of attention and opportunities.  Are you ready for filing a licensee application December 15, 2017?